5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Not Making Return

A lot of people are getting frustrated with Facebook ads.

Some don’t believe in them because they have burned some money.

Some know that Facebook ads are powerful but can’t make them work.

So why do Facebook ads fail?

1. Targeting wrong people

wrong people

The instinctive thinking tells us: “the more traffic we drive to the website the better”.

But it doesn’t work with Facebook ads as we are paying for every visitor.

It means that we don’t need to care about the amount of traffic, but rather the quality of traffic.

Drive only those people who are the most likely to buy.

It will decrease the ad spend and increase the conversions which will lead to higher ROAS.

2. Running the ads without a system

No System

I’m always saying that Facebook ads are not a “plug and play” system.

It’s easy to launch the campaign and run the ads, but it’s harder to make them profitable.

So to get the results with Facebook ads we need a predictable system according to which we can forecast our spending and our return.

3. The content doesn’t correspond with the traffic temperature


We have three main types of traffic:

Cold traffic — completely unaware people who know neither about your product nor about your brand.

Warm traffic — the people who know about a product like yours, but don’t know your brand yet.

Hot traffic — the most aware people who know about your product and your brand.

The ad: “Have time to take your pair of sneakers at a big discount during our stock liquidation sale” will probably work for hot traffic only.

The other traffic will require some additional awareness-building content before they even decide to consider the product to buy, so the “sales discount” ad will not be effective for it.

4. The landing page we driving people to doesn’t have urgency and a clear call to action

no urgency

We usually think the more choices we are giving to people the better.

But this is wrong — more choices create more confusion.

So it’s important to have one clear call to action on our landing page to increase the conversion.

In any case, most people will still leave without buying.

Even they like the offer and planning to buy it they will not probably do it during the first visit.

So it’s important to have some urgency to increase this conversion even more.

5. The business model doesn’t correspond with the marketing strategy

business model vs marketing strategy

It might be a lot of different causes of this problem.

The one I can emphasize is let’s say is the main competitive advantage of our brand is the lower price.

We are achieving it by lowering the margin.

But having a low margin decreases the profit and removes the space to cover the inventory cost + ad spend which leading to our ads be unprofitable.

To fix this problem we need to figure out some unique marketing strategy specific for our business that will allow us to generate a profit from ads.

Check out top Facebook ads mistakes in the video below: