Conversion Rate

Statistic says that the average ecom conversion rate is 3%.

We all know that this is not enough to make the progress with our ecommerce growth strategy.

So let’s discover it.

Why the average ecom conversion rate is just 3%?

The average online store is like a booklet brand presentation.

Everyone can see the products and prices, but really…

The IOS 14.5 made a lot of harm for a small online business that was utilizing digital ads platforms for growth.

No matter whether you running Facebook ads or Google Ads or Snapchat Ads, the tracking abilities on Apple devices become now much harder.

Here’s a technical presentation of the old good way to track digital ads (Facebook ads) conversions

the usual way of tracking

The key here is that after…

A lot of business owners under evaluate or don’t even think about the fact that their success is a result of what they are focusing on and where they directing their business.

Why focus is important for your business?


We all have some limited amount of energy, time & tangible resources.

We are responsible for where to…

A lot of brands focusing on building awareness immediately after launch and this the right decision.

The problem is that often people looking at growing brand awareness from the wrong point of view and thus using not the most efficient strategies to do it.

What is brand awareness at all?

brand awareness

Imagine now you need to buy…

Being in the ecommerce space for a while I’ve observed the patterns of rapidly-growing successful brands and the patterns of brands that are struggling to grow.

I’ve discovered some non-strategic mistakes most brand owners are making which are really stopping their growth.

1. Doing everything yourself is very expensive

You Should Learn Everything Yourself

It’s much cheaper to ask for help.


Are you still doubting digital ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc)?

Or you know that digital ads are a good way to promote your brand but want better understand what are they about?

Here you go:

What makes digital ads so specific?

The obvious way of thinking tells that the biggest benefit of digital ads in…

What is a machine?

Google says: “an apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task”

What about the sales machine?

We’re all doing sales activities, but the question is whether we are working for sales or sales are working…

Yurii Kuzemko

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