How to establish strong brand awareness?

A lot of brands focusing on building awareness immediately after launch and this the right decision.

The problem is that often people looking at growing brand awareness from the wrong point of view and thus using not the most efficient strategies to do it.

What is brand awareness at all?

brand awareness

Imagine now you need to buy sneakers.

The first thing coming to my mind is Nike or Reebok.

This is called brand awareness.

Why do you need brand awareness?

why brand awareness?

You still can generate enough sales without it, right?

But when it comes to brand awareness the word of mouth do its job.

You’ll gain much more sales from the same marketing.

It means that it will increase your profit significantly.

So why do we need it?

Mainly for profit and growth.

What people usually doing to establish strong brand awareness?

people doing

Running the ads to make people notice the brand.

This includes:

Brand introduction ads without a clear call to action
Different kind of “billboard ads”
Lead generation ad campaigns

Are they succeed with these approaches?

They might, but …

The downside of the usual brand awareness activities


In the previous post, I’ve described what people doing to build brand awareness.

And here are some downsides of these methods:

  • Big investments — ads are expensive and brand awareness campaigns don’t bring you a lot of revenue.

So what should we do to effectively build brand awareness?

The best way to build brand awareness is through continuously increasing sales

the strategy


Aren’t people building brand awareness to increase sales?

They probably are.

But the best way to build brand awareness is through utilizing sales as a tool for it — not a result of it.

The result will come if we will focus on the process.

Check out more info about building brand awareness in my Youtube video here: