How to increase ecommerce conversion rate

Statistic says that the average ecom conversion rate is 3%.

We all know that this is not enough to make the progress with our ecommerce growth strategy.

So let’s discover it.

Why the average ecom conversion rate is just 3%?

The average online store is like a booklet brand presentation.

Everyone can see the products and prices, but really small amount of visitors buy.

The problem with the low conversion rate is that booklet is not designed to make sales.

There’s no point to measure conversion rate in the booklet. It’s better to measure it in the shopping mall.

So how to convert the ecom store from booklet to the shopping mall?

The three basic keys to increase the ecom conversion rate

These are the must-have things to avoid losing the clients:

1) Make sure that your design and UX drives people to the right clear action.

One of the first ecom conversion killer is unclear user experience.

2) Show approriate content to appropritate traffic.

The content which works for your existing customers might not work for new unaware visitors.

3) Solve shoppers problem

Make sure that your help people make their life better or solve some problem by offering your product. Emphasize it in your content.

Applying these tips will at least prevent from conversion rate decrease.

How to encourage visitors to buy to increase ecom conversion rate

We need some urgency to make people understand that if they will not buy right now they might not be able to do it later.

We can achieve it this way:

1) Offer try for free then buy.

It will work well for fashion brands where one of the biggest friction towards purchase is the doubt of the right feet. Usually, when people have the product in their hands there is much less friction.

2) “If you buy now, you’ll get a great discount for this second relevant product”.

It is useful for the cases when people tend to buy two similar products at once.

3) Free Shipping

Might be obvious but it works all for most of the cases.

In any case, we should always test to know what will work better for us.

A few more techniques to grow the ecom conversion rate

1) Buy more, pay less

Let’s the third item for free. Or second item with 50% discount.

2) Get for free, just cover the delivery.

Useful for a product that needs to be checked before using, like perfumes samples, supplements discovery kits, drink samples.

3) After checkout offer.

When the customer entered all the shipping and payment info: “Would you also extend your order with this one time 50% discount for this relevant product?”

He already bought, so no distraction, no friction, just hot offer.

Check more info regaring ecom conversion increase in my YouTube video:



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