The Main Thing Every Starting Ecommerce Brand Should Focus On

There are a lot of strategies, approaches and activities we can do when starting the brand.

We all want to succeed so that’s why it’s important to do something that will lead us to success.

What are most people doing when starting the brand?

Do It Yourself

Creating a store.

Building a fancy design.

Making fancy product photos.

These things are important and we can run the online store without them.

But the biggest mistake here is that usually, people overcomplicate these things allocating a lot of energy, resources, and time to it.

And problems is that having the store with the fancy design itself will not lead to massive success.

So what leads to brand success?

And this is…

A growth system.

What is the brand growth system?


It’s predictable sales — you’re confident that next month you’ll sell 100 units.. and the month after 170 units.

It’s scaling ability — this month you’ve sold 70 units, so the next month you’ll be able to sell 150, the month after 300 and so on. The number continuously scales.

It’s a profit return feedback loop — the profit you’re generating from monthly sales you can reinvest back in the growth system and generate twice as many sales next month.

Can you imagine how can you grow your brand?

Why do you need the brand growth system?

Exponential Growth

Because with growth system you will have:

Rapid sales boost even with a limited budget — the core mechanism of the growth system is increasing the sales which trigger all the other benefits.

Strong brand awareness — after increasing the sales you will have a big customer base. Furthermore, the word of mouth will work well. It means that awareness will be strong.

Valuable market feedback — having more sales will lead to more feedback from your customers based on which you can improve your product.

More result with less effort — the growth system is automated. All you need to do is to spend some time setting up the system and then just spend 15–20 minutes a day to maintain it.

Sounds inspiring, isn’t it?

Why most brands still failing if there’s a growth system?

Why Most Fail?

Because of the wrong efforts allocation.

Instead of focusing on obtaining the growth system, they are:

Focusing on creating multiple products — requires a lot of time and money and the market not always accepts all these products, so it’s much better to create products one by one during growth based on market feedback.

Doing everything but nothing — running Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, Youtube channel and Instagram account at the same time will not bring better result. It will fail because of the inability to take proper care of any of these platforms. It’s much better to master marketing platforms sequentially.

Making a deep dive into “manual” sales — these are different kinds of social media activities, events etc. They bring some amount of sales, but they require 90% of our time that’s why we become the slaves of our marketing without having the ability to grow. The growth system requires courage to invest in, but bring much better exponential results with fewer efforts.

The choice is up to you

Your Choice

Living comfortably and continuously struggle to grow.


Invest in your growth and enjoy your success.