Are you still doubting digital ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc)?

Or you know that digital ads are a good way to promote your brand but want better understand what are they about?

Here you go:

What makes digital ads so specific?

The obvious way of thinking tells that the biggest benefit of digital ads in comparison to regular street ads is transparency.

Think about that: you’re able to trace every step of the people who clicked on your ad and thus you have a complete understanding of which ad works and which doesn’t.

You know exactly where are people leaving on their way to purchase and you can retarget them back again and again.

It’s terrific — isn’t it?

But it’s not just about transparency.

It’s more about the algorithm

Social media platforms are algorithm machines

The AI algorithm analyzes all users behaviour and knows everything about the users.

It knows which content to show for users in order to make them continue scrolling the feed.

The Social Dilemma movie explains it in details — check it out.

But the good thing is that we have an access to this algorithm machine.

How you can make social media be of service to people?

The Social Dilemma movie explains that the social media algorithm produces the right content to make people stay on the platform.

This thing causing social media addiction.

It’s bad.

But you can make it good for people.

Think about it. You’ve created a brand to help people solve some problem or satisfy some desire with your products.

It means that if people will be aware of your brand their life will be better.

So we can use social media algorithm to make people aware of your brand.

It will make social media be of service as their life will become better with your products.

The only question is how can you use the social media algorithm to help people?

Imagine that you can talk to all the people who are interested in your product and your brand simultaneously

It means that you’ll be able to grow your sales easily and make a lot of people happier.

And you can do this.

There’s an eye that is watching everyone and everything.

It knows everything about your interests, the interests of your friends and other 2 billion people.

It continuously improves and becomes smarter and smarter.

And this eye is…

The Facebook Ads algorithm.

You don’t need to add your interests to your Facebook profile to make the algorithm know them.

It will figure them out from your activity, your posts, your messages.

It continuously watching everyone on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other apps.

And the best thing that you have access to this algorithm.

You can ask the algorithm to show your post to anyone in the world who matches your interests, age, etc. criteria.

This the power of Facebook Ads.

And that’s why it’s the most powerful way to grow the brand in a few weeks.

The biggest proof of the Facebook Ads power is…

This movie explains how the digital marketing consultancy Cambridge Analytica used Facebook Ads to influence the Trump election in 2016.

And they did it successfully.

I will not be telling you that this win was kind, but I just want you to watch this movie and understand this proof of the power of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is an amazing platform if you’re helping people and I know that all of you, brand owners, are here to positively influence the world.

So go ahead and use the power of the algorithm to change the world 🚀

Reveal more power of digital ads in this video: