The Secrets Of Success

This thing is one of the main secrets that make your brand successful.

And this is…

The value.


Looks really simple, right?

Most people think that if they selling some product they definitely bring some value.

But this is not always the truth.

The value starts when we’re starting the brand and choosing what to sell.

And this is wrong!

We shouldn’t choose what to sell.

We shouldn’t go and see which product is easier to manufacture, which product has less competition, and doing all of that crap.

But instead, we should focus on the problem the market tells us.

We can know this problem either from our experience or from our research and usually, we have some kind of story of how we came up with a solution to this problem.

And this solution is our product.

No matter if you’re in the luxury goods niche or foods niche — you’re still solving the problems.

So the secret is to bring value to solve the problem — think first about the problem, not the product.

Without doing that no marketing can help us succeed.

No brand growth strategy will work without this thing

And this is…

The mindset.

Back in the day, I was starting my business I was thinking that a successful business is all about the right strategy.

So I’ve found the strategy, tried to implement it and it didn’t work.

Tried the other one — the same.

Then one day I was comparing the fast-growing successful company with the dying one.

I found that they have been using the same strategy.

I started reviewing my business attempts and understood the reason.

My mindset was blocking me from success.

Then I’ve started observing the surviving brands and found one main pattern.

This was the miserliness of growth investment.

Successful people and businesses always open to self and business growth investments.

So if you are still tight to invest these additional dollars in the digital ads or a new vital software subscription, but at the same time buying a brand new fancy phone — consider whether your mindset isn’t blocking your success.

I want to share the thing that helped me a lot and made a breakthrough in my life with all entrepreneurs — investing in your growth and growth of your business is much more profitable than buying a new computer, new phone, or new car.

So do it — it will change your life.

The most common quality any successful entrepreneur has

And this is…


In “The Secretes Of Bill’s Brain” documentary Bill Gates said:

“There are some problems where you can say I’ll give it up, but if it comes to your passion you should tell yourself to work harder”.

Everyone tells this phrase: “Never Give Up”, but I found that I wasn’t utilizing the power of this phrase in practice.

And once I started doing so — I’ve got a big breakthrough in self-growth.

If you’re growing your brand and your digital ads aren’t working for you — will you quick saying “digital ads don’t work”?

Or will you find someone else who can help you with that and give it another shot?

This is what defines successful persistence.

I can talk hours about that, but it’s better you will read the stories of high-achievers like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates.

These stories will show which crapy circumstances these people had on their path to success and how they overcome them.

How to use persistence to grow your business?

By continuously iterating and improving your strategy and being open-minded.

Follow this formula:

Believes -> Actions -> Results -> Feedback

Believe in something you’re planning to do — e.g. believe that ads will work for you.

Take action in confidence with that belief — e.g. run the ads campaign.

Experience results from the action made — e.g. judge if ads working well for you.

Address the feedback from results, adjust your new beliefs, define new actions and repeat this formula again — e.g. if ads work well for you repeat this formula with scaling the ads, if they didn’t work well ask somebody for help.

Following this formula in any aspect of my business and life made me feel more happy and successful, so I would everyone recommend start doing so.

This success system will grow your business to the moon and back.

So to conclude, the three secrets of success we’ve discussed so far:

1. Value
2. Mindset
3. Persistence

1. Bring value to people, focus on the market and their problem first, and then on your product as a solution.

2. Prevent your mindset from blocking you from your growth — be open-minded and invest in your growth.

3. Be persistent in everything — follow the Believes -> Actions -> Results -> Feedback formula to track your persistence and never give up.

Our brain designed the way that we only noticing something we’re questioning, so for that reason in order to question the right thing I’m reading these values every morning and evening with huge emotion and enjoying how they’re changing my life.

I would recommend you start reprogramming your mind with this system to bring more success to your life.

So go ahead and find a way to invest in your growth right now!

Check out the secrets of success in my YouTube video:



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